October 2017-

"I had my first experience with a salt cave at the Tranquil Owl and came out so refreshed, I felt like I had had a full massage! It released all the tension in my body. I highly recommend it."  Connie Cousens

October 2017

"Getting a massage with Sheryl is like going into a healing cocoon you will never want to leave. She seems to tune right in which is awesome!  I usually have no idea of other areas that are in need of massage outside of my stressed shoulders. Like magic she takes care of the whole body which reinforces the truth that everything is so connected.  Her nature is so very much part of the reason why you feel like you have entered a space and time of letting go. Body, Mind and Soul basking in the healing. A true act of self care. Sheryl is someone who is not only excellent at her work but also has a deep respect for you and you feel safe and cared for. God Bless You and thank you so very much"  Laurie G

August 2016

"Absolutely my favorite massage therapist!  Sheryl intuitively finds the knots, works them out gently, but with strength.  Everything from a soothing gentle massage to a deep tissue massage.  Sheryl excels at all of them!  I always leave feeling so much better than when I arrived.  And her Cranial Sacral work is just pure magic.  If you find yourself in need a fantastic massage, this is the place to go!" Chris D