Craniosacral Session

I have been studying Craniosacral therapy since 2013 and realized I was on the right path! When I received my first craniosacral session it felt like I came home. I began studying with the Upledger Institute and learned there was way more to health and healing than I ever imagined. I could take all of the knowledge of becoming a LMT and Reiki practitioner and take my CST sessions to whole new level of healing. I learned how to  connect with my client's inner wisdom and facilitate in a powerful way that allows my clients body to self heal.

When you arrive for your first CranioSacral Therapy session, we will discuss your medical history, your current health concerns. You will lie fully clothed on a comfortable table and using a light touch  I will “listen” to the natural rhythm of your CranioSacral system, and feel for areas of restriction around your central nervous system. The same light touch will be used to help your body release any restrictions that are found, and to improve your CranioSacral rhythm. Many clients experience a feeling of deep relaxation during treatment; this can sometimes last for several hours or even days afterward.